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Bootstrap4 Starter Templates by Propeller

Quickly get your project started with any of our starter templates developed using components of
Propeller Pro (A framework based on Bootstrap 4 and Google's Material Design Standards).

Custom Pages

Login Template


Custom form layout and design for a Login screen.

Narrow Jumbotron Template


Custom Blog Page apt for magazine and personal blog.

Offcanvas Template


An Offcanvas layout apt for notifications, followers listing, activities page etc.

Cover Page Template

Cover Page

Cover Page Layout for creating amazing and minimalistic home pages for your marketing websites.

Carousel Template


Home Page Layout with Carousel Implemented apt for marketing websites.

Album Template


Simple one-page Album Template for showcasing photo galleries, portfolios, blogs, and more.

Jumbotron Template


Build Banner using the jumbotron component of Bootstrap with a navbar and some basic cards.

Checkout Template


Ready to use custom checkout page for ecommerce websites.

Pricing Template


User-friendly and easy to understand Pricing Page for more conversions.

Product Template


A product-focused marketing page apt for web and mobile apps.

Starter Template

Starter Template

A starter template with Navbar and page title to show the page structure to be followed for Propeller Integration.




Demonstration of all the responsive options for Navbar.

Navbar Fixed

Navbar Fixed

Demonstration of navbar fixed at the top of the window.

Navbar Bottom

Navbar Bottom

Demonstration of navbar at the bottom of the window.

Navbar Static

Navbar Static

Demonstration of navbar which scrolls up on scrolling the content.


Sticky Footer

Sticky Footer

Demonstration of a sticky footer at the bottom of the page when the content is less.

Sticky Footer Navbar

Sticky Footer Navbar

Demonstration of sticky navbar and footer in the viewport.