The Datetimepicker widget allows the user to select a value from a calendar or a time drop-down list as well as direct input. You can find a wide variety of date and time pickers here.

We have used Bootstrap Datetimepicker as a reference which we have then customized based on our Propeller theme.

For more options and documentation, visit : Bootstrap Datetimepicker

Propeller Datetimepicker

This is the default date and time picker with Propeller theme.

Initialize datetimepicker plugin by calling .datetimepicker() function.

Time Picker

It is used when you only need to fetch just the time from the user.

Linked Picker

These are two individual date and time pickers, of which, one is used to select start date and time and the other is used to select end date and time.

View Mode

This one is used when you want the user to select a year and month. For example: This kind of picker is used for selecting expiry date of a card.

Disabled Days of the Month

This is a date and time picker which can be used when you want to show few days of the month as disabled. For exmaple: Here, saturdays and sundays are shown as disabled.

Inline Datetimepicker

Such type of datetimepickers are by default displayed as visible.

Datetimepicker with left header

In such type of date and time picker the header of the picker is displayed to the left. It displays current date significantly.